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Pro Plan Kitten 1.5kg

Complete nutrition and protection for kittens 1 to 12 months
PRO PLAN Chicken & Rice Formula for kittens is made with palatable chicken as the main ingredient and highly digestible rice. It provides your kitten with the essential building blocks to help grow healthy and strong, as well as promote her developing key protective systems - the immune system, digestive system, renal system and skin and coat.

Daily Feeding Recommendation (g/day)
Kittens generally nibble solid foods at 3 to 4 weeks of age. Keep moistened PRO PLAN Kitten Dry available at all times. After weaning (6 to 8 weeks of age), kittens will normally eat dry or moistened food at will. If water is added, use no more than 1 part warm (not hot) liquid to 3 parts PRO PLAN for Kittens.

The recommended daily amounts should be adjusted according to weather conditions, the animal's level of activity and its physical condition. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. Store food in a dry and clean place at ambient temperature.

Natural Feline Protection: a combination of powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids and trace minerals to help enhance your kitten's natural defences
High quality chicken as the main ingredient, fish protein, egg and rice for a highly digestible, palatable recipe
Contains DHA, a functional nutrient found in mother's milk important for kitten's brain and vision development
High level of protein, energy and vitamins for optimal growth
Reduced level of carbohydrates to help kitten's immature digestive system absorb nutrients from food, resulting in better stool quality
Extra calcium for optimal bone and tooth development
Healthy skin and a lustrous, shiny coat from a combination of Omega fatty acids, plus vitamin A and high quality protein
Essential minerals for the developing renal system
Special, easy to chew kibble shape to facilitate food ingestion
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